Our Culture of Interpersonal Accountability

I hope everyone had a restful four day break. A few highlights from the past two weeks:


  • Our students travelled to the Bell Performing Arts Centre (Surrey) to compete in the BC High School Bhangra Competition;
  • Five of our grade 12 students participated in the VPD Student Challenge 2009: Gaurav Shukla, Irene Gill, Zakk Trudelle, Ishan Sharma, Raman Saini;
  • Grade 10 student, Damanpreet Gill, was featured on Omni TV as the winner of the “Ingenuity Award” from the UBC Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology;
  • Grade 10 student, Dinesh Sunthareswaran, competed in the North America Club Track and Field Championships in Orlando, Florida;
  • JO students participated in the Punjabi Market Banner Project with students Jieun Soo and Reagan Szeto winning 1st and 2nd prize (their banners will be draped on light poles and displayed in the Market for the next two years);
  • Our JO-CST Programmers hosted the first ever “Joker’s Playhouse” attended by over 200 elementary school aged children;
  • Grade 11 student, Leanna Ng, was one of four students in Vancouver to participate in the VPD’s “Odd Squad” Program;
  • Celebrations of Excellence for all grades ended our week.


Dennis Sparks, emeritus executive director of the National Staff Development Council (US) puts out a bi monthly on-line publication titled, “Leading through Learning.”  In a recent posting he wrote of “Creating Cultures of Interpersonal Accountability.”  He succinctly puts forward the argument that “when leaders understand the positive motivating force of interpersonal accountability among members of the school community and their central role in creating it, they lead through learning.”




Over the next few weeks, as we meet as a staff, both at our Staff Meeting and our Pro-D day on April 29th, we will be continuing our discussions around how to share and improve our best practice(s) and, most importantly, how we can support one another in the resultant endeavours.  It is a process which, while unfolding, serves to define us as a community with high levels of integrity and trust:  we all feel responsible to one another for the actions that we are taking to steadily improve our work and make a positive impact on the lives and learning of our students.


I look forward to the discussions that will unfold between us over the next month and, as always, I also look forward to seeing all of you tomorrow.