My "Decagraphia"

Just over a week ago, Cale Birk posted his “My 10 Picture Tour” of South Kamloops Secondary School and put out the following request:

With my “10 Picture Tour”, I hope for two things:  first, I hope that you will get to know a little bit more about my learning situation, and secondly, that you will reciprocate and use YOUR “10 Picture Tour” to let all of us know a bit more about your learning situation!

Inspired by Katie Hellerman to take our “digital” relationships to the next level, I have (in the past week) personalized my PLN by looking at great pictures of the even greater spaces provided to date by Justin Tarte, @milenagarg,  Megan Howard, Johnny Bevacqua and Brian Barry (@Nunavut_Teacher).  The following is my contribution.

John Oliver Secondary School is located in south-east Vancouver and has a diverse student population of approximately 1150 students where over 35 different languages are spoken in their homes.  We are a comprehensive school with a focus on community engagement and we house 7 District Special Education Programs, a Digital Immersion Mini School, an iPad Literacy Cohort for struggling readers, and ACE-II Carpentry Apprenticeship Program, and much, much more.

Well, a picture is worth a thousand words so . . . here we go.

Welcome to John Oliver. 1915 building to left, affectionately referred to as “The Barn”. It houses our Digital Immersion and iPad Literacy Programs. The portables are home to the Take a Hike Program. To the right of the portables are the gym and the school.  The far right is where you’ll find VLN (the Vancouver Learning Network).

Outside my office window – clearly, Spring has arrived. Thanks to Mr. Su and his Digital Imaging class for this one!

Elementary students arriving for day long JOlympics. Respective school banners hanging from the auditorium rafters. This is the opening assembly and students are off to a multitude of day-long events: “Iron Chef”, French “Jeopardy”, Floor Hockey, Art Projects, mechanical bull riding, rock climbing, soap box races and more. Great event!

Although we honour excellence, the greater recognition comes in celebrating community – it’s the community that creates the culture of success. Our “Celebrating Community” wall has photos of all staff and students.

“Rock and Roll Forever” – 3rd floor tribute to the stars of 70’s rock. Mural (which runs one city block) painted in 74/75 by Bryan Taylor and Rod Kirkham (‘with a little help from their friends’).

Years of history in this trophy case. Look closely at the bottom shelf and you’ll see the prized “Cracked Pot” awarded to the victors of our annual staff vs. senior girls’ field hockey game (lots of bruised shins!).

Our iPad Literacy cohort taking off. Homework? It’s not work if it’s fun 🙂

“John Oliver Idol” put on by Student Council

Oh, the joy! How can you not stay young when surrounded by so much positive energy? We’ve got great kids doing great things . . . everyday.

Celebrating life! Need a quiet place for some peaceful reflection? Things getting you down? No matter how bad it gets, just head across the street to to the cemetery: instant perspective.

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  1. Gino, having walked your halls on Saturday I now have a new perspective on John Oliver. Exploring different parts of your school, we even checked out the gym on our way out, was a great experience. The only thing missing, was the energy and excitement of a building full of students. That said, your students that were there giving their time should be recognized for their efforts at Edcamp. I look forward to my next visit.

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